The long-lost ancient Chinese sex scroll revealed

Master the skill will make any woman fall for you head over heels

“It doesn’t matter how high a person’s social status is, or how wealthy he is, or how authoritative his employees believe he is, if he lacks the sex skills that make a woman go crazy and is unable to perform well in bed, he and his partner will be disappointed.

“Also, no matter how good he is in bed, if he performs the same sex trick repeatedly, he has nothing to be proud of.

“Enjoying a women’s reactions during different levels of sexual pleasure and making her feel ecstatic in bed—that is the most valuable part of sex. The ancient Chinese sex scroll pointed this out hundreds of years ago.

“I am going to talk about the long-lost sex technique of nine shallow one deep, described in the ancient Chinese scroll The Sutra of Native Woman.

“This sex technique combines five sex skills: nine shallow one deep, three left and three right, swim like an eel, move like a leech, and death and back to life. The main goal is to let women experience a variety of indescribable pleasures and ignite their sexual flames fully, leading to an ecstatic orgasm that brings them to death and then back to life. “Nine shallow one deep involves stroking shallowly nine times, making a woman feel tenderness and bringing out her lascivious desire, and then thrusting once all the way to the deep end of the vagina, arousing her desire. This sequence is repeated to ignite her lust.

“If one starts the sex with continuous deep thrusting, although it brings strong pleasure, the repeated in-and-out stroking will eventually reduce the woman’s excitement, making it difficult for her to reach climax.

“About one-third into the vagina’s entrance, it has a very strong convulsion force—the G-spot. When this spot is rubbed, it will sensitively envelope the man’s penis. Rubbing this spot at the beginning of intercourse is especially arousing for a woman.

“Three left and three right involves rubbing the vagina thrice on the left and then thrice on the right. Following nine shallow one deep, this technique will create a different pleasurable feeling, exciting a woman’s horniness.

“Swim like an eel is a skill in which the penis moves forward like an eel swimming, giving an alternative pleasure in the walls of the vagina, causing the woman to want more.

“In the skill of move like a leech, the penis moves in a wiggly motion. The body crouches up and down with the penis’s movement, stimulating the upper and lower sides of the vagina, giving the pleasure some variety.

“In death and back to life, the penis is withdrawn just before ejaculation. The man lets it calm down before inserting it again, extending the time of ejaculation.

“Varying these techniques keeps the vagina stimulated, causing indescribable waves of pleasure.

“This combination of sex techniques demonstrates that China has developed many unique and profound sex techniques throughout its five thousand years of history. It is worthy of a deeper exploration.”

The world’s first erotic inspirational sex fiction, The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates, is wildly different from other sex novels in its rich content and inspirational discussions. Take another glimpse with the following excerpt—

“To prove my point, I will present the long-lost Chinese sex skill of picking yin to nourish yang.

“Picking yin to nourish yang means that when the penis enters the vagina, it sucks in the arousal fluid and the essence released by a sexually excited woman in order to nourish a man’s manhood. This sounds incredible, but it is true.

“When a person learning such skill focuses his mind and trains himself to control his physiology, such control becomes possible. We have invited such a master to the seminar. Now, let’s give a round of applause to the Indian yogi Padmarajan.”

In the midst of the applause, an elderly Indian man dressed in an orange robe slowly rose from his seat. An assistant approached him respectfully and led him to the stage. The yogi had a long beard and radiant face, and he looked healthy and strong.

He approached the center of the stage and greeted the audience with a namaste. The assistant handed two glasses to Bart, one full of water and the other empty.

Bart raised the glasses said, “Now, Yogi Padmarajan will perform the technique of picking yin to nourish yang.” This announced occasioned another round of applause.

After another namaste, Padmarajan slowly untied his belt and removed his robe–suddenly he was naked, his penis in full view. The auditorium fell silent.

Padmarajan squatted slightly, relaxed his hands, and inhaled. After a few moments, his penis got slightly bigger. Not long after that, it had become erect.

He inserted his penis into the glass full of water, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Strangely, the water level started to drop. Holding his breath, he gave the glass to Bart and, putting his penis in the empty glass, discharged the water. Finally, he took a deep breath and sucked up all the discharged water with his penis, repeating the entire process several times.

The audience gasped. The demonstration was breathtaking and mesmerizing. The audience forgot to applaud Padmarajan only because they were in awe. Bart initiated the applause, which brought the audience back from their mesmerized state. They applauded the performance wholeheartedly. (To be continued)

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